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Every team is able to share their most relevant process entry-points, documents, files and links to everyone in your organisation. Find the content that matters the most for you with the intuitive, tile-based dashboard. Organize your links with categories and by favorizing your most used tiles.

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Download TeamLinx42 via the Microsoft Teams App Store. A full installation manual can be found here:

How To Install >>

You can place the following link protcolls in TeamLinx42:

– http/s

Yes, you do. As an add-on for Microsoft Teams, TeamLinx42 only works within the Microsoft Teams App or Microsoft Teams Web App in an organizational environment with either Microsoft 365 work or school accounts.

TeamLinx42 offers a free trial for the first 30 days. We believe, it is crucial to test and validate the added value, TeamLinx42 creates for your organisation. The full pricing sheme can be viewed here:

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Hint: TeamLinx42 works best, when used by everyone in your organisation! The more teams are participating the higher the convenience, TeamLinx42 creates.

Within TeamLinx42 you are able to provide internal corporate information. External Accounts or guest accounts should not be able to access these information, regarding your company security.

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