Share infos with your employees

With TeamLinx42 you are able to compile all HR-relevant documents for your employees at a glance and hereby increase their satisfaction

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As a central function Human Resources creates, manages and combines a lot of infos for all employees to ensure that they are deployed and promoted in the company in the best possible way. TeamLinx42 offers a central place for sharing and accessing relevant information across departments and teams.

How Human Resources teams use TeamLinx42?

Share your content

Vacation requests, corporate agreements, notifications, overviews - all links and documents are in one convenient place

Inform about your services

Present your corporate benefits and let your employees know how you can support them

Simplify your onboarding

New employees will be happy to find all onboarding infos at a glace - easily, clearly and paperless

One convenient place to share and find all your content


A variety of content

As the heart of a company, Human Resources is a connector to all teams and employees with a large amount of information that is stored, managed and processed via various cloud platforms, subfolders or printouts.


Keeping overview

The challenge for new and existing employees is to find their way in folder structures and databases as well as to keep track of which document is used and when. In addition, it’s also neccessary to keep all the documents up-to-date.


Central platform for interdisciplinary teams

By creating favorites, documents can be clearly bundled and arranged for all employees. Thanks to the central administration important documents and links like onboarding infos or personnel development overviews are visible at a glance and can be shared across teams and colleagues.


Time Saving

TeamLinx42 creates transparency about important documents for each department and every employee looking for HR-relevant infos and links. Thanks to the online availability it also leads to less printouts and more eco-friedly working.

Your Benefits

Safe Time by sharing documents with your employees in one place

Improve your employer branding with a time-saving corporate sharing platform

Increase your employees Satisfaction by one short and easy access to HR information

Easy access via MS Teams