Share marketing content with your colleagues

Smart marketing teams create transparency about their services and content – enabling colleagues to find infos quickly and easily

As the key to your market, marketing promotes corporate products, ideas and mission to attract new customers and remind existing customers that you are in business. TeamLinx42 provides a central location for sharing and accessing relevant information across departments and teams.

How marketing teams use TeamLinx42?

Share your content

Templates, pictures, texts, overviews - all content in one convenient place

Inform about your services

Present your marketing service portfolio and let other teams know what documents need to be used

Simplify your onboarding

Provide corporate templates in the latest version and avoid obsolete designs

One convenient place to share and find all your content


A variety of content

As an important interface to many departments, marketing creates, manages and combines a lot of content at different platforms and with various tools. TeamLinx42 offers a central place for sharing and accessing relevant information across departments and teams.


Keeping overview

The challenge for new and existing employees is to find their way in folder structures and databases as well as to keep track of which document is used and when. In addition, it’s also neccessary to keep all the documents up to date.


Central platform for interdisciplinary teams​

Thanks to the central entry point, colleagues from other departments can be advised to follow processes correctly. Colleagues have quick access to templates such as e.g. company presentations, campaign applications and see immediately how to apply them – an advantage especially for interdisciplinary teams because the content is always available in the recent version.


Time Saving

Short searches for content lead to time savings, less coordination und queries regarding the place to find templates, pictures, content, websites and missing information.

Your Benefits

Safe Time by sharing and searching for content  in one place

Increase of marketing perception within the company

Less re-queries by team members searching for content.

Easy access via MS Teams