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TeamLinx42 is an app to enable your team members to find documents and information quickly and easily inside their Microsoft Teams client – decentralized, self-organized, and collaborative!

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Navigate your world of information with ease. We break down complex data structures into three intuitive elements

What users say about TeamLinx42

Amelie Wennemann

HR Specialist

Where is our employee brochure again? What benefits does our company actually offer its employees? And where can we create a requirements profile for recruiting? With TeamLinx42, we can finally provide all relevant documents and information at a glance. This is a great overview, especially for our new employees, and I wouldn’t want to be without it.

Donna Otten

CML | People, Culture & Communication

With the introduction of TeamLinx42 for Microsoft Teams, we have not only succeeded in making the numerous stages of our on-boarding process available to each new employee in a simple and clear manner! The decentralized, self-organized mode of operation also ensures that each team worldwide shares its most important processes, guidelines, documents, … with all other teams and knowledge silos are efficiently reduced! Great tool for collaborative bookmarking!

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Our customer support is at your disposal in case of any questions

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Customer Support

Our customer support is at your disposal in case of any questions

App Features


Collect all categories you need and want. As a Category-Owner you are able to add links into the category.

Microsoft Teams

Embedded easily into Microsoft Teams – the Collaboration Hub of the most companies.


It is divided between Admin, Category-Owner and User. Every role has its own permissions.