Case-Study: TeamLinx42 for utilities

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Large utilities are often faced with the challenge of finding an efficient method for distributing and retrieving internal company information. The goal here is to significantly reduce the time employees spend searching for relevant documents and processes. TeamLinx42, a Microsoft Teams app, provides a central, easily accessible platform for all important corporate information.


  • Time spent searching for information: Employees could waste valuable time searching for relevant documents, procedures, and policies.
  • Inconsistent information management: There is often a lack of a consistent method for managing and distributing corporate information.
  • Unclear process management: Changes to corporate processes are sometimes difficult to communicate, which can lead to confusion and delays.

How TeamLinx42 works

  • Centralized access to information: TeamLinx42 provides the ability to create maps for categories such as “Renewable Energy”, “Crisis Management” and “Power Grid – Management”. These cards can be organized into meaningfully grouped sections.
  • Decentralized self-service: Departments have the option of creating maps with relevant information themselves and making them available to the entire company.
  • Security mechanisms: The creation of maps can be restricted to authorized persons.
  • Fast and efficient search: An integrated search function improves the findability of information.


  • Reduction of the time needed to obtain information
  • Increase consistency and accessibility of enterprise information
  • More efficient customization and management of business processes


Using TeamLinx42 gives utilities access to a centralized, efficient and secure platform for enterprise information. This can not only improve operational processes, but also increase employee satisfaction.

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