Casestudy: Inefficient information management in financial sales organisations

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Efficient information management is of central importance in financial sales organisations. From customer management to sales strategy, the demands on information management are diverse and complex.


  1. We identify five different challenges for financial distributors:
    onboarding new sales staff: it is often difficult for new staff to quickly gain access to all relevant sales documents, product information and CRM systems.
  2. Access to up-to-date product information: Salespeople need constant access to the latest product information, which is often inefficient.
  3. central access to sales material and best practices: There is a lack of a central point of contact for sales staff to access key materials and best practices.
  4. Management of customer information: Constantly updating and managing customer information is time consuming.
  5. sales strategy and planning: different departments need to work together to develop effective sales strategies, which is often uncoordinated.

How TeamLinx42 works

TeamLinx42 has been developed specifically for these challenges. The platform makes it possible to store all relevant information in a centralised and categorised way.
This is how TeamLinx42 overcomes the challenges in financial sales:

  1. fast onboarding for new sales employees: with special categories in TeamLinx42, new employees can find all relevant documents and systems in one place.
  2. central and efficient access to current product information: TeamLinx42 provides a single, central platform where all product information is stored. This makes access much easier for sales staff.
  3. easy central access to sales material and best practices: By creating a central category for sales material and best practices, all sales staff can access these resources quickly and easily.
  4. Efficient management of customer information: Customer information can be stored and updated in a dedicated category, making data maintenance easier.
  5. coordinated sales strategy and planning: by storing strategy documents and plans centrally, all departments can work together more efficiently.


  • Reduction of the time needed to obtain information
  • Increase consistency and accessibility of enterprise information
  • More efficient customization and management of business processes


More efficiency with TeamLinx42: TeamLinx42 offers a solution for the special challenges in information management of a financial sales organisation. The centralised and categorised storage of information makes work processes more efficient and transparent.

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