Case Study: Optimisation of information management in an industrial company through TeamLinx42

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For industrial companies, access to accurate and up-to-date information is essential for the smooth running of projects. However, these companies often face challenges in communicating and finding information effectively. TeamLinx42, an application integrated with Microsoft Teams, provides a solution to optimise information management processes.


  • Difficulties in finding up-to-date documents and work instructions in a timely manner.
  • Information spread across multiple departments and locations lacks centralisation.
  • Redundant workflows due to lack of visibility of current and completed projects.

How TeamLinx42 works

  • Quick and easy access: With TeamLinx42, team members can find documents and information in Microsoft Teams directly and easily.
  • Decentralised self-service: Employees must independently provide relevant documents and information in categories set up for them.


  • Direct access: Employees must now have immediate access to required documents and instructions.
  • Promoting self-organised working: The concept of decentralised self-service enables teams to independently manage the processes relevant to them.
  • Reducing knowledge silos: TeamLinx42 improves networking and the flow of information between departments, which promotes knowledge transfer and avoids redundancies.


By using TeamLinx42, industrial companies can optimise their information management and thus increase operational efficiency.

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